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Launch of WA PARKING Application
  • 12:18 PM, 16 Feb, 2018

Pune: With great pleasure, we are announcing the lauch of Beta version of WA Parking Application on 15h April 2019 at Pune. This application will enable all the houshould parking to be rented to others enabling the owners earn between 500-1000 Rs per day.

Once the parking space is registered on our application, car users will be able to see those parking spaces and will be able to book them at the rates set by the parking owners. This application is 100% cashless, so there is no hasble of keeping change or keeping account of the parking spacess rented or booked.

The solution will be very useful specially for the metro cities where the numbers of cars have increased drastically in last five years. The residential areas near the commercial markets will absorb most of the cars enabling free road for driving and lesser congestion.

20% profit from the entire business will be donated to Care for Farmer (CFF) initiative run by Act of Random Kindness Social Welfare Society, a Pune based NGO.  

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