About WA Parking

As they say, a boulder can only be stopped at its origin and not in the middle of its path, we address the ever-worsening parking problem in India by applying sustainable solutions to make our cities decluttered and ready to put into the next phase of sustainable development.

The ever-rising congestion on roads is providing impetus to all kinds of inefficiencies to creep into our daily lives. The time we spend in finding a decent and legitimate parking spot takes a significant toll on our energy as well as enthusiasm and ultimately proves to be a joy-kill. The parking spaces available to tackle this mammoth are marred by skewed development and stunted infrastructure.

Our app and web-based parking aggregation scheme works with the already existing infrastructure with an eye on the increasing number of vehicles. We understand the concept of space and acknowledge the limitations attached to it, that is why we look forward to bring futuristic solutions to an already inflamed situation in a step by step manner.

To address the growing parking needs of India, we work in tandem with housing societies to use their parking lots that stay unoccupied during different times of the day. In our initial phase, we are pooling all such kind of parking spaces and renting them out to the needy organizations or individuals. As the impact of the receding traffic subsides with the arrival of new vehicles we’ll be moving on to our next phase of acquiring public parking spaces to further decongest the Indian roads.

The solutions we provide not just decongest our roads and provide safe parking spaces but also strengthen the emergency life-saving services by providing decluttered roads.

We are infrastructure aggregators who believe in futuristic solutions built on strong foundations. We believe in time, we believe in space. We are WA Parking.